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Pillars Bed Legs | Blue

650,00 kr

The UENO Pillars Bed Legs fits all IKEA box mattresses that include ODNES brackets (if your current box mattress isn't fitted with ODNES brackets, these can be bought separately in any IKEA store).  

UENO Pillars Bed Legs are available in two colors: Tel Aviv White and Paris Blue.

Note: Box mattresses are not sold in all countries. Simply get in touch with us if you have any questions and we will guide you through your purchase.  

⏤ Set of 4
⏤ Designed and produced in Copenhagen, Denmark
⏤ Pillars Bed Legs are made from solid Kalmar Pine
⏤ Treated with natural linseed oil
⏤ Easy assembly
⏤ Minimal maintenance required 


Width: Ø6,8cm
Height: 20cm
Weight: 2kg


We offer door-to-door shipping for all UENO Pillars Bed Legs:

⏤ Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland: 45 DKK / 6€ 
⏤ Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, France: 60 DKK / €8
⏤ Rest of EU: 120 DKK / €16