Established in Copenhagen in 2020, UENO is the brainchild of Mads Westendahl. With years of experience from companies like Menu and Kinfolk, Mads set out to create a unique and meaningful platform for a niche product; bed frames. Driven by the motivation to “do one thing and do it well”, the premise was to challenge the way other furniture brands are increasingly manufacturing and selling their products.


“Originally, I was attracted to the furniture industry due to the nature and longevity of these products. Often furniture pieces would be handed down through generations, creating a deep connection and history with the product. However, in recent years there has been a shift in how furniture is being sold and marketed to the consumer. The industry has increasingly begun to resemble the fast-fashion industry and I find this movement unsustainable with the current environmental and world conditions."


The name UENO is inspired by the neighbourhood in Tokyo of the same name. The brand draws in inspiration from both Danish and Japanese design traditions, but also from the Mads' connection to Asia from years of living in China and Hong Kong.